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About us

We are a small business and pride ourselves on keeping our client base small so we can give you our full attention. We love designing a unique and special cake for your occasion. Bring us your ideas, no matter how ambitious, and we’ll do our best to bring your vision to life. If you don’t know what you want come and see us anyway we’ve got plenty of examples to give you inspiration.

Our history

It all started with Debbie (the “D” in the DB Cakedesign) about 20 years ago making novelty cakes for our sons. From this family and friends asked Debbie to make cakes for them. This tested and challenged Debs skills and helped her learn and improve. This lead onto wedding cakes for family and friends which lead, inevitably, to more requests from outside of family and friends. It then turned into a business which enabled Deb to share her ideas with a wider audience. We work from a small workshop based in Winwick. This allows us to keep costs low whilst still giving a high quality product. Deb has an absolute passion for what she does and is always working on new ideas. improving her skills and trying new designs.


How much will the cake cost ?

This is a bit “how long’s a piece of string” , it all depends on

The best thing to do is speak to us as every order is unique.

Do you make wedding cakes ?

Whilst every cake is special we know that your wedding day is special to you and all our attention goes into ensuring that we take the worry of the cake away from you and put all our love and time into being just a small part of your special day.

Do I have to pick it up ?

This is totally up to you. We’ll be happy to accommodate you if you want to collect, but we’ll be happy to deliver for a small delivery charge.

Will I have to pick my cake from a limited range ?

Absolutely not. Whilst you are free to look at our creations and designs we have done for other clients we will discus your requirements with you and tailor a design just for you.

Do I have to have just plain sponge ?

We do fruit cakes as well as well as sponges in a few different flavours: vanilla, red velvet, chocolate, lemon and carrot cake.

How quick can you make my cake ?

The more notice the better but we usually ask for at least a week. If you need one quicker then please ask we’ll tray to help as much as we can.

Do I need to pay a deposit ?

We ask for a deposit four weeks before your cake is due to be delivered or when the order is placed if less than four weeks. This secures your booking and ensures that we set the time aside to create your design.