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Step 1

Get yourself four round 9” sponge cakes approximately 1”-1.5” thick or two very thick 9” sponge cakes approximately 3” thick.

Step 2

Now put the sponges together to make a sponge sandwich , or if you are using thick sponge cakes cut them in half to make a sandwich. The result we are after is to have two 9” sponge sandwiches.

Step 3

Place the dolphin template which can be found at www.somethingedible.com if this link doesn’t work just search the site for dolphin. Or get in touch with me and I’ll help.

Step 4

Carefully cut around the template pieces though the two layers of sponge.

Step 5

Fill each of the cut out sponge pieces with your preferred filling. Here jam and butter cream have been used.

Step 6

Assemble all of the pieces as directed on the diagram that comes with the template.

Step 7

Cover the sponge in a thin layer of jam. This will help the icing stick. It will help if you warm the jam a little in the microwave first.

Step 8

Role out your sugar paste icing (coloured to your preference). Here I used 1500g and rolled it out so the length was slightly more than the length from the tail to the nose, and slightly wider that the distance from the top flipper the the bottom flipper. Let’s not forget that the sugar paste will need drop down over the sides to touch the board. There will be plenty of waste but it needs to be big enough to cover the cake as one so no seems will be seen.

Carefully ease the sugar paste onto the sides of the cake and into the corners and the curves gently tapping and smoothing as you go.  

Step 9

Carefully cut around the base of the cake where it touches the board with a craft knife or an appropriate cake decorating tool until all of the waste is removed.


The following steps are optional depending on your level of skill, or spirit of adventure.

Step 10

Here I have used a product called clear piping gel with a blue colouring to simulate a water effect.

Step 11

For the perfect sea scene fish and starfish have been sculptured out of sugar paste and plants have been piped with royal icing (the runny icing). Waves have been added around the dolphin to look like splashes.

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